John Neale's diabetes guide: Minimed507 programming flow-chart

John Neale's diabetes guide: Minimed507 programming flow-chart

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There are many features that can be programmed on the MiniMed507 insulin pump.

Setting these features can be quite confusing. I have found these 2 flow charts helpful in finding what was where.

Main flow chart This chart shows the main 7 sections that you cycle through when you press the SEL button, and how to use each section.

Setup flowchart This chart shows just the Setup section. This is reached from the last item on the previous menu.

Click each chart to view it full-screen size They should print out nicely on a sheet of A4 paper, using the print option on your browser. If each chart spills onto 2 sheets, try reducing the page border size in the "Page Setup..." section, or reduce the size to 80% in the "Page Setup..." section. It is equally good in color or black and white.

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