Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Rehabilitation Therapy Services

The Rehabilitation Therapy department offers a comprehensive range of services that include occupational, physio and speech therapy.

Some of these services are:

  • Dry hydrotherapy. Southeast Asia''s first dry hydrotherapy system provides dry hydrotherapy, dry heat and accupressure massage therapy for patients. It can be used to relieve stress and pain from injuries such as muscle spasm, a pinched nerve or arthritis.
  • Home rehabilitation therapy
  • Neuro-rehabilitation programme

Our team of professionals provide rehabilitation for patients recovering from stroke, head or spinal cord injuries, Guillian Barre syndromes, etc.

  • Home evaluation / modification

We make recommendations for equipment or appliances that can enhance safety and accessibility at home for patients.

  • Fabrication of splints and orthosis

We make static and dynamic splints for upper and lower limbs. Custom-made insoles are also available to help solve foot support problems such as flat foot or painful foot.

  • Speech and language therapy

This is for patients who may have speech, language or voice disorders. Patients who stutter would also benefit from our intervention.

  • Swallowing therapy (Dysphagia management)

This is for children and adults with poor oro-motor skills or difficulty in swallowing such as cerebral palsy and stroke.

  • Chest physiotherapy

This includes postural drainage and breathing exercises to help remove phlegm and avoid chest infection.

  • Antenatal / postnatal care

This includes childbirth education and exercises, postural advice, and backcare before and after delivery.

  • MedX spinal rehabilitation programme

The highly computerised MedX System allows a more accurate assessment of back problems as it is able to isolate specific muscle groups. This level of accuracy enables the physiotherapist to implement more effective treatment.