Benefits for Government

Benefits for Government

The sustainability of the Healthcare, Home and Community Services and Residential Care system in Australia is a growing issue and is in the political spotlight. To make the best use of resources and deliver optimal care there is a compelling need for seamless co-ordination and information and knowledge sharing between Home and Community, Healthcare and Residential Care providers.

In Australia, as in many countries, the system is complex composed as it is of a large variety of different providers, funded in various ways, all with their own systems and practices.

A one size fits all solution is very unlikely to work and would take many, many millions of dollars and years to develop, test and commission.

Many systems have been developed and implemented to date using traditional thinking, architecture, methods and tools at the cost of millions of dollars, most of which have yet to show real return.

The Central Coast Care Communication Network (4CN) is a network of Home and Community Services, Healthcare and Residential Care providers that are involved with the care of aged people, younger people living with disabilities and carers of these people.

4CN has created the framework for a sustainable future for the delivery of Home and Community Services, Healthcare and Residential Care.

As Einstein said "problems cannot be solved with the tools that created them in the first place." Therefore new thinking and tools were used to develop a solution that works for all stakeholders.

4CN is the product of six years work involving Community and Government and Non Government Care organisations and Qx21 Health. 4CN uses a proven, next generation, highly secure, Universal Communication Platform developed by Qx21 Health that facilitates seamless co-ordination and information sharing. Together with easy to use tools and processes this radically improves the level of Client/Patient/Resident care and cost effective utilisation of resources in the Community, Health and Residential care.

Care Communication Networks focus on the logistics of information, rather than a centralised system holding all data. This provides a Single Point of Access where each provider has their own data, and their own processes, but now has a Universal Communication Platform that allows them to seamlessly work with other care providers and share information without the need or the expense of updating a centralised system.

Care Communication Networking comprises a unique combination of technology; partnership and collaboration among agencies; a seamless interface which is interoperable with existing systems and unification and management of data elements.

The determination of a group of local organisations has developed a powerful, manageable and easy to use solution for users by users.

Care Communication Networks are easily created in any location. They provide a complete turn-key solution for any model of care and can be implemented quickly, anywhere.

Care Communication Networks are compliant with programs such as SAFTE, Compaks, Community Options Projects, the Human Services Network Better Services Delivery Program, the Way Forward strategy as well as other State and Federal Government strategies and allow these programs to be implemented more easily and more effectively.

Care Communication Networks are interoperable across all systems, devices, care settings, and locations and provide tremendous synergy with, not replacement, with all other systems at every level.

The use of the system is transaction based to make it affordable and available to all users large and small.

The result is a completely secure communication network that operates according to agreed protocols, which supports an efficient and effective model of service delivery, care and case management across multiple care settings, optimises resources and delivers better value for the Healthcare and Services dollar.

The benefits of Care Communication Networking for Australia are enormous and the savings amount to many millions of dollars.

As State and Federal Governments refine the Models of Care they use to meet the challenges of providing Care and Services, this Single Point of Access solution using Care Communication Networks is a compelling solution that is already working and can be implemented anywhere, today.

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